You've got questions, we've got answers.

We talk with our customers every day. We're here 24 hours-a-day to assist you. We've compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we've received over the years and are including them here for your reference. If you don't find the answer to your questions here, don't hesitate to chat with us or call us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your Glycerin be consumed and what is the purity?

Yes, our Glycerin is USP, meaning it is pharmaceutical grade, and Food Grade, meaning it is safe for use in consumable products. Its purity is > 99.7%. USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia. This designates that a certain product has been manufactured using a standard, approved, and uniform process. Through this process, it guarantees that the products have gone through proper testing to ensure that they have met certain standards. Any product that holds the USP designation is guaranteed to meet the necessary identity, potency, purity and performance standards required. This is especially important to look out for when purchasing products to be used in food or medical grade products.

So what is the big difference in the Soy Derived and the Palm Derived Glycerin? Why should someone use one over the other?

Vegetable glycerin can be derived from palm, soy or coconut. We offer palm derived and soy derived glycerin. The palm derived glycerin is an import product, typically from South East Asia, which is going to make it a little bit more expensive. The palm derived glycerin is also considered Non-GMO. We usually recommend the palm for clients who use it in food products because it will not affect the flavor profile. However, our soy derived glycerin is a great option for use in food products as well, and usually comes at a lower price point depending on market conditions. The soy derived is typically made in the USA or imported from South America and is not considered Non-GMO. Both options are USP, food grade, and >99.7% purity.

Do you sell Coconut Glycerin?

We do not stock coconut derived glycerin but in some situations we can get it for you if you can meet MOQ. Call us at 832-795-6898.

What is the purity percentage on your Vegetable Glycerin?

Our vegetable glycerin is > 99.7% purity.

Is your Vegetable Glycerin Vegan?

Yes it is.

How many gallons are in the Glycerin totes?

The net weight of the Vegetable Glycerin totes is 2,755 pounds, which comes out to approximately 262 gallons.

How much does it cost to ship a gallon of Glycerin?

It should be around $10-$15 to ship 1 gallon but the shipping cost depends on the shipping option and your zip code. You can see all shipping options at checkout.

I am in need of 8 gallons of USP Vegetable Glycerin - I assume I order "2" of the 4 Gallon packages; is that correct?

Yes. That would most likely give you the lowest shipping price.

Is your MCT Oil safe for consumption?

Yes, our MCT Oil is food grade and safe for consumption and safe for use in consumable products.

What is C8/C10 ratio of your MCT?

Our MCT is roughly a 60% (C8) & 40% (C10) blend.

What is the allergen information attached with your MCT Oil?

Our MCT is allergen free. It is derived purely from Palm Kernel oil, so it contains no soy or coconut. It is also non BSE/TSE and Non-GMO.

How do you store MCT Oil?

Sealed and at room temperature. Refrigerating is not necessary.

How many gallons are in the Propylene Glycol totes?

274 gallons

If I mix Propylene Glycol 50/50 with water what will the freeze temp be?

No it will not freeze. It will take negative degrees temp to freeze. -20 degrees Fahrenheit

Is your PG considered non-GMO?

Our PG is synthetic, not natural.

Are any of your Acids hazardous?

No, none of our Acids are considered HAZMAT. However we do recommend you wear gloves and a mask when handling and review the product SDS for additional handling instructions.

What is your Tartaric Acid derived from?

Natural Tartaric acid is derived and produced from grape bi-products (100 % natural source) and is purified from its crude form to its final form.

Do you offer free shipping?

We do not offer free shipping. We do not factor shipping costs into the selling price of our products so we are able to offer the best prices. To estimate your shipping cost, we recommend adding your desired product to your cart and proceeding to checkout. Our website will give you an accurate shipping cost before you place your order.

We ship ground packages with USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Ground orders placed before 3pm CST will ship the same business day. We also offer express shipping options with FedEx and UPS, which can be viewed at checkout. For express orders to ship the same day, we recommend placing the order as early in the day as possible to ensure the carrier can pick it up.

Larger orders, such as drums and totes will be shipped via LTL freight. We ship freight orders with several of our approved LTL Freight providers. Our website is set up to quote LTL freight options accurately at checkout. We require a good contact phone number for all freight orders. If you have special receiving hours, those can be indicated in the note section of the order screen before you check out. We can typically ship LTL freight orders out the same business day but we do recommend getting freight orders in as early in the day as possible to ensure the carrier can make the pick up.

What are your wholesale prices and how can I get an account?

Our website prices are our wholesale prices and are available to all customers. You can checkout online without any account requirements or, you can create an account to see your order history in one place.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes. We have our multi drum and multi pallet pricing available for viewing on each product listing. For larger orders, like half truckload, full truckload, bulk tankers, or other quantities not listed, please give us a call and we will provide you with an accurate quote.

Do you guys supply pumps for your pails?

No we do not. However, our pails do have a spout on the lid for easy pouring and storage.

What is the size of your drums?

Most of our drums are 36” tall and the diameter of the bung hole is 2'’.

How do I get the product out of a drum?

We recommend checking Uline, they offer a stainless steel drum pump.

Do you guys apply a credit or supply any sort of refund for returned totes.

No we do not. For the removal of totes we suggest posting it on Craigslist or find a reseller in your area who will come by and pick it up.

Do you accept Paypal for payment?

Yes, as well as Amazon Pay, Google Pay, all major credit cards, and bank transfer.

Are all of your products Kosher?

For most of our products, only our drums, totes, and bulk bags are Kosher Certified. Our smaller sizes come from kosher material but are not certified.

Are your products USP Food Grade?

Yes, most of our products meet the specifications of Food Chemical Codex (FCC) and United States Pharmacopoeia (USP). We do carry some industrial products, like Triethanolamine. If any clarification is needed on the USP Food Grade status of our products, please reach out and we will be happy to assist.

Is everything you sell 100% organic?

Nothing we sell is USDA certified organic. Many of our products are organic compounds.

What does RSPO/MB mean?

RSPO stands for Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. The palm is sourced sustainably via the Mass Balance (MB) supply chain certification system. Most manufacturers are RSPO certified however the palm drum itself is only RSPO if it is stated on the COA.