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Liquid Soy Lecithin

Liquid Soy Lecithin

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Soy Lecithin is derived from soybeans and has many uses. In the food manufacturing and processing industries, it is used for many purposes, including as a food additive and emulsifying agent. It is used by food manufacturers, processors, bakeries, restaurants, and semi-professional home chefs.

And while it is used in many food products, soy lecithin is also used throughout numerous industries such as industrial manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and commercial cosmetics such as skincare, hair care, and de-aging products. Liquid soy lecithin is a fatty acid, which makes it perfect for binding moisture to chemicals in many beauty products. Due to its unique properties, it is able to hydrate, moisturize, and form a protective barrier for skin and hair.

What is Soy Lecithin?

Soy Lecithin is a natural phospholipid that comes from soybeans. It has numerous applications across the food and personal care industries. It is also used as a stabilizing agent in many formulations.

When it comes to personal care, it is commonly used in cosmetic products such as skincare, hair care, and beauty aids. It is perfect for introducing moisture into beauty products to help hydrate and protect the skin. It also helps to remove and prevent wrinkles and fine lines on the face, neck, and hands, as well as, being a prime ingredient in shampoo and conditioners, soaps, and lipsticks.

When it comes to the food industry, it is commonly used as a food preservative, stabilizer, and emulsifying agent that helps to bind fat and water and as a thickening agent in many recipes. It is perfect for food manufacturing, commercial processing, and baking industries. Its myriad of uses aids in many areas of food preparation including texture smoothing, food quality, and more.

The magic of soy lecithin is found in its ability to aid across the entire gamut of the industrial cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceutical, industrial manufacturing, and food and beverage industries. Its emulsifying and lubricating properties make it perfect for a variety of applications and formulations.

When it comes to food, it is often added to products ranging from salad dressings, processed cheeses, and chocolates to butter vegetable oil-based butter substitutes including margarine, mayonnaise, and instant mixes.

When it comes to personal care, it is commonly found in shampoo, vanishing cream, lipstick, and soap among other commonly used products. Its ability to provide hydrating moisture, as well as, a protective barrier for the skin and hair makes its uses sweeping.

It is also used in dietary supplements, vitamins, and over-the-counter pain medications. It has numerous health benefits and is able to bind water and fat, creating the perfect additive to many supplements.

What are the Advantages of Purchasing Bulk Soy Lecithin?

Producers of cosmetics, food products, pharmaceuticals, and more, need large quantities to meet the demands of everyday requirements.

Purchasing bulk soy lecithin provides many benefits and advantages. Some of which include saving money. Purchasing in bulk leads to wholesale prices, meaning that the amount you buy costs less per unit, weight, and volume.


Purchasing in bulk also saves you time. With more on hand, you spend less time ordering and waiting on shipments to arrive.

What are the Uses for Soy Lecithin Oil?

There are hundreds of uses for it throughout numerous industries, from food and cosmetics to pharmaceuticals and more.

Soy Lecithin in the Food Industry

Soy lecithin is a multipurpose phospholipid that is commonly used as an additive and preservative for the processing of hundreds of food products such as chocolate, margarine, salad dressings, and instant mixes. Its unique properties help with water distribution and texture quality all while acting as an antioxidant and flavor protector.

Soy Lecithin in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Soy Lecithin oil has proven medicinal benefits and makes it perfect for pharmaceutical product manufacturing. In fact, several clinical studies have shown that it is great for treating acne and inflammation, and even improves everything from liver function to cardiovascular health. It reduces the intake and static levels of bad cholesterol, which further reduces the risk of heart disease, cardiac events, and stroke.

Soy Lecithin in the Cosmetics Industry

Soy lecithin is most commonly used in a wide array of cosmetic products, personal care/hygiene products, and skin and hair care products. It is used as a skin conditioner for both rinse-off and leave-on cosmetics due to its being non-toxic and non-irritating. Soy lecithin has numerous antioxidant properties. These properties not only protect skin cells from oxidative damage but also helps to delay the hallmark signs of aging by keeping the skin wrinkle-free.

Soy Lecithin in Other Industries

It also has numerous functional properties that make it perfect for a myriad of industries outside of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverages. This includes the manufacturing of numerous products such as paints. Soy lecithin oil reduces viscosity and is a binding agent and emulsifier. It also inhibits corrosion, making it perfect for quality paints.