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Mineral OIL NF 70

Mineral OIL NF 70

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Eric Thompson

Great price, quick service and will do business with them again.


It does what I need it to

James Cody
a plus

Everything is as it should be. Exactly as advertised thank you

Carol Klug
NF 70 mineral oil.

Really slick stuff! I'm using it in my rock saw, no heavy oil smell, cleans right off everything, blade stays cool for good cutting!

Gordon Oyler
rock saw

Working great in my rock saw, very clean compared to my old thicker oil.

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What is Mineral Oil?

Mineral Oil is a colorless and odorless byproduct of the distillation process used to create gasoline from crude oil. Because it is a byproduct of a commonly used process, it is fairly inexpensive. Before Mineral Oil is approved for use in skin care products it is highly filtered and refined, removing any impurities that might make it unsafe for human consumption and use. Mineral Oil is fairly shelf stable, even in hot and humid climates, and does not dissolve in water or alcohol.

What is Mineral Oil 70NF?

Mineral Oil 70NF, also sometimes referred to as White MIneral Oil, is a type of oil that is very light weight and one of the purest forms of Mineral Oil. It is biologically and chemically stable, and does not support bacterial growth. Because of its high purity rating, it is extremely versatile and known to be safe in products intended for use on human skin or human consumption. Any time you use Mineral Oil to create skin products or for skin care, you should make sure to use Mineral Oil 70NF, as other forms may not be as pure or safe as a result.

Benefits & Uses of Mineral Oil

  • Cosmetics
    High quality and pure Mineral Oil can be used as an emollient, meaning it functions as a moisturizer, and prevents scaly and flaky, dry skin. Because it is an emollient, it forms an oily layer on top of the skin, which is especially useful for conditions like eczema or dry skin that need an extra moisture barrier.

    Mineral Oil is noncomedogenic, meaning it does not clog pores, making it a safe moisturizing choice for those with acne-prone skin. Products that contain Mineral Oil can treat skin trauma from diaper rash, cradle cap and radiation burns. Mineral Oil has even been shown to work on cracked feet.

    Additionally, Mineral Oil can easily remove paint (oil, latex, household) and stubborn makeup from the skin and bubblegum from the hair without pulling or damaging.
  • Food
    As a natural lubricant, Mineral Oil is used in the manufacture of yeast, and can be applied to various grains, like rice, oats, wheat, and barley, to keep dust from binding to it. Mineral Oil is also used to prevent items from sticking together, especially in different sticky candies and gummies.
  • Household
    Mineral Oil can be used as an alternative to furniture polish for household wood furniture. It leaves a clear and scentless finish. One of the benefits of using Mineral Oil on wood, and in particular cutting boards, is that it fills in the pores on wooden surfaces. In the context of a cutting board, this can help to prevent the board from retaining smells and odors, and keeping knife marks from penetrating as deeply. This will keep the board from splintering and from growing bacteria that make the board smelly and unsafe. Mineral Oil is also a great choice in treating kitchen wood, like utensils and cutting boards, because it will not go rancid, as opposed to various vegetable oils.

    For stainless steel polishing, particularly with appliances, Mineral Oil can offer a much less expensive alternative to other polishes. It also keeps various other metals, like knives and razors, from rusting.

    Similarly to products like WD-40, Mineral Oil can be used to fix squeaky items, such as doors and floorboards.

    Mineral Oil can also quickly remove stickers and other adhesives, such as price tags. It can even be used to remove bumper stickers without damaging the car’s paint. When combined with essential oils, Mineral Oil can be used as a carrier to diffuse the scent throughout the house.
  • Medical
    Because it is a moisturizer, Mineral Oil can be used as a lubricant laxative to treat constipation. Mineral Oil can also be used as a treatment for dandruff, by leaving it on for an hour before shampooing and conditioning the scalp.

    Mineral Oil can be used to help dislodge stubborn earwax.

    The National Eczema Association promotes the use of mineral oil as a topical treatment for flare ups of eczema.
  • Pets
    Mineral Oil can be used as a nontoxic treatment for ear mites in pets like cats and dogs, as well as a laxative, similar to humans. Some animal medications even include Mineral Oil as a carrier.
  • Hobby
    Mineral Oil can be used to clean guitar fretboards and treat the wood.

Dosage, Safety & Side Effects

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified highly refined mineral oil as a category 3 substance. This designation means that it is not suspected of being associated with cancer of any form.

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Mineral Oil as a safe multipurpose food additive, as well as an active ingredient in over the counter medications.

The Cosmetic Ingredient Review has determined that Mineral Oil is safe for use in cosmetic applications.

When used in household settings, particularly as a furniture polish and treatment, Mineral Oil is considered safe for children and pets, whereas substances like varnish are not.