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Evaporated Food Grade Salt

Evaporated Food Grade Salt

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Daniel S
Excellent Product and Superior Service

Pricing was great and shipping cost extremely competitive. Easy to order. Was delivered promptly and packed perfectly. I'll be using Ingredient Supplier every chance I get.

Bulk Kosher salt is a must-have for restaurants, bars, food manufacturers, and bakeries. Evaporated food-grade salt is the king of seasonings. It has a broad spectrum of uses ranging from cooking and cleaning to brining meats, pickling veggies and rimming cocktail glasses. When purchased in bulk, the cost for volume is less, you purchase less frequently and you have plenty on hand for a multitude of needs and purposes. Bulk Kosher salt, in particular, is certified for Passover and reigns supreme in Jewish delis around the world. 

What is Kosher Salt?

Kosher salt derives its name from an ancient Jewish set of strict dietary guidelines called kashrut. This sets the rules for the types of food that are allowed to be eaten and their preparation.

One of these rules regarding religious tradition states that eating bloody meat is strictly forbidden. This led to the process of koshering. They used a type of granular salt to drain blood from the meat, as well as to cure it.

Unlike regular iodized salt, this form of salt gently flavors foods, enhancing the flavor instead of simply making the food salty. Additionally, there is no iodine In kosher salt. Iodine has a slightly bitter taste, causing your food to taste saltier than it should.

Its granular crystals also help to draw out more moisture from meats than standard salt. This helps with the caramelization process, also known as the Maillard reaction. When you sear your meat this is what gives it that delicious and beautiful crust.

Bulk Kosher salt helps to ensure your establishment always has the ability to meet the needs associated with bulk spices. Every restaurant and bakery should have bulk Kosher salt on their inventory at all times. Even manufacturers in the food and beverage space should have evaporated food-grade salt on hand in order to create the necessary ingredients and products in bulk.

What is the Difference Between Table Salt and Kosher Salt?

Table salt contains iodine. Iodine has a bitter taste and can negatively affect the flavor of your food, especially when it comes to meats. The bitter aftertaste makes food taste even saltier.

Kosher salt is made from pure sodium chloride and does not contain iodine. This provides a gentle salt profile that enhances the flavor profile of your dish rather than giving it a purely salty taste. That results in a more robust flavor that really pops. Standard salt is typically more refined, as well as being iodized. 

Kosher salt is less refined and maintains its profile as a natural mineral. While our evaporated food-grade salt is not iodized, it does contain less than 0.002% of an anti-caking additive, Yellow Prussiate of Soda.

What are the Advantages of Buying Bulk Spices Such as Kosher Salt?

Buying Bulk spices for commercial purposes is always best practice. In addition to paying a lower premium due to the fact that buying in bulk saves you money, Bulk Kosher salt is a healthier option than other forms of salt and even lessens the risk of heart disease. It contains approximately 40% less sodium than ordinary salt because finer salt is more refined and compact, and it is considered a premium product when compared to low-quality salts.

What are the Uses of Bulk Kosher Salt and Who Uses It?

For Seasoning Dishes During and After Cooking

This granular salt is less salty than ordinary salt, so it naturally enhances the flavor of foods without giving it that overly salty flavor. This makes Kosher salt perfect for pickling your favorite vegetables and seasoning all kinds of dishes, from pastas and soups to Jewish barbecue and appetizers. It is also perfect for salting, brining, or curing meats such as beef, pork, fish, chicken, and lamb.

Spices in bulk are commonly purchased by restaurants, bakeries, homes, and everywhere food is served.

*Curing or smoking meat, for pickling, and brining

Rimming Cocktail Glasses

Popular drinks such as Margaritas are a perfect example of how Kosher salt excels. Rimming cocktail glasses with salt adds kick and flavor to many traditional drinks such as Margaritas, the Funky Chicken, the Jumping Cholla, Shicigosan, and more. Bars purchase spices in bulk for cost savings, quality assurance, and to have plenty on hand for cooking and drinks. It’s also commonly used for cleaning in restaurants and bars.

*Rimming cocktail glasses and as a cleaning agent

Food Manufacturing

Food manufacturers and processors around the world rely on quality to make quality products. Bulk spices at cost are paramount for keeping prices low for consumers. Bulk Kosher salt is a key ingredient in thousands of food products commonly sold to grocery stores, restaurants, and bakeries. Premium evaporated food-grade salt in bulk is perfect for commercially produced food and food processing such as premade barbecue and smoked meats, canned goods, breads, and pastries.

*Barbecue and smoked meats, canned foods, breads, and pastries.